CanSkate - CanSkate is Skate Canada's learn-to-skate program, designed for beginners of all ages. When you sign up for CanSkate you will be in a program that focuses on fun, participation and basic skill development. You will earn badges and other incentives as you learn fundamental skating skills. Lessons are given in a group format and led by an NCCP certified professional coach. Professional coaches are assisted by trained Program Assistants. The coach to student ratio is a maximum of 1:10. Skaters progress at their own rate and coaches make sessions active using teaching aids, music and a wide variety of activities that create a fun environment and promote learning. CanSkate is the feeder program to all other Skate Canada Skating Programs.

Adv CanSkate - Skaters must be working stage 4-6.  Skaters may obtain a private lesson coach of their choice.  Parents may choose a coach who they feel is a good fit for their child.  You may also do a test drive so to speak by having a lesson with each coach prior to choosing.  Please see Our Coaches page for a list of our coaches and their qualifications.

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StarSkate - Skills, Tests, Achievement, Recognition – this is what STARSkate is all about!

STARSkate offers opportunities for skaters of all ages to develop fundamental figure skating skills in the areas of ice dance, skating skills, free skate and interpretive skating. Unique in Canada, this program teaches figure skating skills in a group and/or private lesson format in a progressive and sequential manner and includes specifically designed awards and incentives. Skaters have the opportunity to take Skate Canada Tests through a nationally standardized testing system. Skaters who have mastered figure skating skills in STARSkate may also choose to pursue synchronized skating or pairs skating.

Star 1-5 - LTAD Development
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Participant Development Model

The model below illustrates the two streams of programming offered by Skate Canada. Skaters may participate in either stream from one season to the next.

Long-Term Athlete Development - Skate Canada’s newly developed comprehensive Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model is designed to assist coaches, parents, volunteers and administrators create an environment that allows skaters to fully develop and reach their potential in the sport, regardless of whether their goals are recreational or competitive in nature.

Click Here for the link to the Pursuit of Excellence: Skate Canada's Guide to Long Term Athlete Development

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